These are a few of our staging, pa and lighting items for hire. Please feel free to contact us with any enquires that you may have regarding these items or any others we have in our inventory. Simply click on any image i n a category to view a larger image and more information in that categories range.

The construction of all staging and roofing systems is supervised by a fully licenced building contractor. Lic No. 38609
All roofing systems have a certified wind loading of N3/150km/hour.

(All staging and roofing systems have certification for compliance with Australian Standards)

Backline Hire
Fender Hot Rod Devilles
4/10 and 2/12.
Fender Deville.
Ampeg PF 500 watt bass head and PF 4/10 quad box.
Roland RD700 Keyboard.
Pearl pro series drums with Maple Shells zildjian symbol pack and hardware.
VOX AS30C2, just arrived in for backline.
For all Backline Hire - call.
13x9m Stage with full weather sides.
Small Staging/varying sizes
Large Staging
Internal Staging
Riser for sporting events.
13m x 9m Festival stage with variable heights up to 7m.
Stage with backdrops.
Certified lightweight aluminium staging.
Large Inflatable movie screen, 4.5m x 4.5m
Giant projection screens for your next outdoor event.
Staging for Weddings and Private Functions.
Lighting & Rigging
Conventional Lighting Systems.
Winchups and Trussing
Conventional Lighting Boards.
196 Channel Digital Lighting Consoles.
Moving Lights.
LED Movers.
Array Towers up to 8m 800kg load..
510 channel DMX lighting console.
54x3 watt high powered water proof led lights.
1200 watt F.A.L DMX controlled follow spot.
Lighting Desk - ROBE DMX.
QSC 1000 watt 3 way KW153 Speakers.
Soundcraft Mixing Consoles (x3).
Amp Racks - to 20,000 watts.
Top Quality Effects, Compression and Graphic Equalizers.
Small Portable PA's.
Audio Technical in Ear Monitoring.
Shure Radio Mics.
Yamaha L59 Digital Mixing Console.
Yorkville Unity Active System.
QSC 1000 watt Active speakers now for hire.
12000 watts of Yorkville Unity Active Subs.
Allen & Heath iLive T 122 Digital Console and Drive Rack.
12 Channel Yamaha Mixing Board Graphics and Effects.
Yorkville Elite Series Speaker System.
JBL and Yorkville EX2000 Speaker System.
The Perfect Pub rig 4800 watts out front and 2400 watts on foldback or in-ear monitoring.
Small Yorkville Speaker System.
EV Dynacord system.
Shure & Sennheiser radio mics, now covering frequency bands 516 MHZ to 694 MHZ.
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